James Wilson and Norman Macrae were agreed the only reason they spent their lives mediating economics was ending poverty -the happiness and freedom search to empower every livelihood. Picking up their leadership pens, 105 years apart Wilson 1843 tried to celebrate goodwill of leaders as impacts of industrial revolution multiplied; Norman(1948) as the worldwide started an odyssey of doubling spends on communications every 7 years for 70 years- that's a 1000 fold increase of 2015now. Which women ensure that their half of the human race impacts the future of sustainably in all the ways that men are prone to risking most

Sunday, August 6, 2017

How the Belt and Road Became the 'Project of the Century'

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EIR's Bill Jones address Schiller Institute's , "The Belt and Road Initiative Opens a New Era for Humanity," July 22 , 2017.
Eurasian Land Bridge Report

we use belt road geographical layout and include some of its major projects as catalysts of emerging friendship networks ---
and value cgtn good news -eg brics : belt : china-us economic cooperation
0 china as epicenter of mapping sustainability world trade routes from 1996 , 1977
1 pacific east
1.0 south china sea -15 years asean charter
quarterbilliongirls.com editorial parters of the world record book of jobs creation ranks china as friending sustainability youth (economies) world with the top 2 world record job creators of 2017-2020 xi jinping and jack ma

*** Vaut Le Voyage

0 China- -China's wealthiest businessman leads commiss
0.1 beijing is both the host to the most collaborative global 2.0 summits such as biannual belt road and strategic think tank space linking in extraordinary alumni of eg tsinghua (with mit the world largest mooc provider) and peking u ; as well as supercity connector of green infrastructure banking
see www.worldcitize.tv to download SME maps contributed at China G20 as Hangzhou consensus turned the tide on what digital globalisation can doin creating global village jobs and celebrating 2030 youthful race to sustainability

culture entrepreneur note - when CGTN's travelogue host made her first
shenzhen 1 the supercity of makers movements - eg china's member of fabcity - watch out for BELT ROADS new bridge connecting hing kong and the extraordinary development region that shenzhen manufacturing became the world's epicentre of

hong kong summer 2017 celebrated 20th anniversary of being retu
known as supercity where multinational meet and where many global professions china offices are headquartered  - has also masterminded conflict resolution hosting of such extraordinary 21st C trading friends clusters as BRICS summits and shanghai cooperation organsiation linking region 2 3 7 - the m
Dalian news

(WEF)   dalian2017    odd year co-host of summer world economic forum rotated with ...
host 2017 china brics

direct rail to moscow -quarter of air cost
Bangladesh especially BRAC

Education (first new cuuriculum materna/infant health) in tandem with financial inclusion was how village women and girls were empowered to develop the nation of bangladesh.
3 UAE nowhere 2010-2016 has started up more gamechanging summits than this region with wise out of qatar and http://www.globalteacherprize.org/  out of dubai the 2 most notable

4 Scotland - thats's where Gordon Brown and his wife planted World in a School and became headhunted to be the special env
cgtn asean

note regional distinction between 

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