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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

initial report on the weekend they closed space on A - the ned of mission impossible by the kindest 23 yera old girl americans were ever likely to meet

imagine what could happen in kenya if you open spaced 3 people - this guy - naila and ingrid munro And then added in mostofa's friend mother of microcredit or her favorite school abroad where sunita has helped end adult illiteracy in 90 days

la maestra is about services communities locally need but also jobs arising from self-organising training people to be self-sufficient -empowered by collaboration apps - wherever possible linked by a few experts that want to be collaborative- listen to the the guy who led telemedicine broadband experiments across arkanas - in 2009 4 billion dollars was spent on community broadband across the usa- there were great emergent processes but these were never open spaced across the states because white house government doesnt understand open space even when obama cv is that of a community builder in south chicago let alone when  it is trumped by the worst apprentice dictator tv-saturate capitalism has ever come up with

however king can pop up open space circle any time in all the poorest parts of youth baltimore- their findings can also be distributed through conscious capitalism monthly club meetings dc or 30 other capitals including sao paulo critical to franciscans like bernardo and whether the brazil economy survives expensive olympics -  or at the annual conference with mackey - 2 years ago the academic raj who wrote the yellow book with mackey did a 60 minute podium speech at the annual summit on how sad nursing was across usa- student who want to be nurses are often people with special spirits but by the tine they have have made certifiable by us college systems  they have huge debts and have to take jobs in the typical big money health service organisations that have bankrupted health insurance - back in uk discussions of emotional intelligence in the national health service showed that even though 98 of patient time in hospitals is spent with nurses these people are the lowest part of the hierarchy to adminstrators who impose such bureaucratic rules about never get our hospital sued that nobody trusts each other and many nurses end up exhausted instead of being loved as community angels-one daring person who was appointed to run the nhs region with the lowest life expectancy hired a football pitch - mixed up every type of health worker- leaked in all the local newspapers that it was the job of everyone to halve the life expectancy gap with the average in the uk

what is open spaced around la maestra in baltimore can be reheassed in open space summer in the outside concourae of mec -and the 24 screen tv of its entrance cafe - to see if brooklyn wants to start a la maestra- peter wants to be a community accountant bottom-up of whichever la maestra type services come together first in one place

if there had been any youth at the women empowerment summit instead of drinks parties all over town why couldnt they have started open spacong discussions of la maestra from 5pm - or would that have been too low a cost an action learning network for the university of san diego to bear- and iff you had meet the kind of student i met at hiros university of tokyo young professionals at the university of tokyo they would have been encouraged to host such events- in japan the students rather like in china are concerned about how to lower the cost of huge elderly families- why wouldnt whole windsor castle dialogue be open spaced by digital health reporters at the un- why wouldnt the end suicide franchise diane keeps promoting start its 4 city extension (liverpool london tokyo where next with a student open space)

when jonathans hub opens in sna diego both start up movement across the weekend of startup and la maestra directors invited you to make the first event at bhat hub an open space of everything that couid have freed students in san diiego especially 20000 asiab students and especially the rain-coders amongst thjem

the same sorts of issues could have been

one of the tents at creative children networtk- even if ideas hadnt been fully debated they could have been cataloguoed and then alumni of the white houses elipses week of independence for kids  could have skyped or hosted in the evening at the conference hotel- or taken back by different country leaders -or replayed among 25 year of willliams friendships out of stanford -  and so sustaining an alumni network of creative children greatest decade could have happened continuously instead of waiting to turn up once every 4 year or going on roadHsow that charge 100000 dolars to stage the children art rather than to open space co-creative children challenges to education anywhere

everywhere you have been amy could have enjoyed an open space start up linked in by the future of your special powers  - why not continuie the blum pitches the next day all over berkeley campus instead of just in one room with pizza- why not open space clinton university all over berkeley campus on april 1 even if bill is presiding over a podium

 why was facebook designed around sexual attraction instead of what dioes your spiirit want to open space and develop through your life's amazing grace- why cant we  just define sustainability as empowering the next decade as youths most productuive and instead or forcing all students to get a paper certificate celebrating any student who cares enough about a particuilar chalenge to open space it through student union clubs across the nation or across tje planet- why isnt each emerald planet video tagged with where can a youth quroum of 10 next skype to discuss this further - you and i helped skyped change the world coursera- the problen was the professor leading that want jim kim - he wanted to keep the 100000 students of change the world inside his own university and as the contacts of his closed space professors- he thereby destroyed the bigger opportunity of coursera itself to open space change the world-hopefully andrew ng wont be so stuipid now that baiduhjas its own elearning satellite and that you and harrison can celebrate open space wherever under 30 chinese study

UNHAPPY LUTHER KING DAY- aborted unwomens decade
why arent you lknking this in next week at mit or kenya instead of being told you are too young and need training by old floridian open space controllers- why dont you spend time in nairobi with ingrid muro- after life sevrice at unhanbitat she started the only microcredit of youth in slums- queen sofia wanted that open spaced in 60 southern cities but the whole microcredisummit movement over 15 years diod not have one open space type person - it only ever massively met round podium speeches - in the process it destroyed muhhamad yunuis relationships with youth- somnthing that  black unjiversity stateswide enetrepreneur competitios  then greenwahed instead of the king family and rosa parks lawyer being above to celebrate them novemenfer 2015 in atlanta with all of romes nobel peace laureates or the year before taddy blechers youth being able toi meet the nobel peace laureates who had promised to emerge a curriculum of mandela and unbuntu community building tools- and as for the billion dolars cnn turner family solent on open spacing youth partnershipos with the un -well thank the greed of atalnats amyors and yunus und raisers for destroying 2015 sustainability atlanta and all that

 thats not what harrison owen leaded with you to do amy- why are you so lacking in belief of what only 23 years olds can do if sustainabilit is youths greatest decade-why dont you come to rome and help them open space 14 yeass of celebrating different communjity builders awards but not having the youth power to network social solutions beyond borders

why when batlimore says it will find a chgiese business man who will app your visa so you can srart doing all of the above do you waste time not meeting king

why do weekends of remotes liberal arts campuses only ofler drunken meetups are there no opsn space student freedoms to be won for the class of 2015-2016;  what do you think president jordan wanted you to say to her about special powers of 23 year oild chinese female millennials if they are distributed in colleges that have never previously heard of open space or have only seen some dilute version of it hubbed

special powers comes from maximising time spent at experiential edge of your own competence- 20 friends were helping you do this then you met suzanne who knew not one thing about what everyone else had linked around you- and so you have been divorced from every marketing challenge your generation most needed your exponential action learning curve to keep linking in

whose 2 feet
ion flint michael moore needed you to open space why the clean water stopped flowing but instead you go to some water bigwigs show in florida

Thanks chris
in america 90% of the cost of everything is on dunbing down advertising and facebooks not servie learning and the makers of the product - america will never linkin sustainability milldnnisla - china can as long as it goes exactly the opposiute way in clelbarting the 4000 times more investment in communicatios that has been made since 1946 http://economistchina.net http://economistuniversity.com  http://economistjapan.com http://economistamerica.com http://economistblack.com http://economistweb.com   http://economistrefugee.com http://economistpoor.com  

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