James Wilson and Norman Macrae were agreed the only reason they spent their lives mediating economics was ending poverty -the happiness and freedom search to empower every livelihood. Picking up their leadership pens, 105 years apart Wilson 1843 tried to celebrate goodwill of leaders as impacts of industrial revolution multiplied; Norman(1948) as the worldwide started an odyssey of doubling spends on communications every 7 years for 70 years- that's a 1000 fold increase of 2015now. Which women ensure that their half of the human race impacts the future of sustainably in all the ways that men are prone to risking most

Monday, November 2, 2015

The final chapter of Keynes general theory clarify how humanity needs to understand the exponential crisis compounded by economists as "increasingly the only designers" of peoples futures. When it comes to woomen, which economists and educators exponentially value sustainability of womens goals

does this un goal report address this issue?

more n UN goals at www.amychina.net  and www.alumnisat.com

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