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Friday, August 28, 2015

-what i really wanted from 4 september is

-amma collaboration and women empowerment networks to accelerate through prita and naila knowing each other
ultimately to know if yazmi is amma's and so UNAI's favorite satellite learning channel or not

-there's also a lot of gaps between athgo and what youth inside world bank need to hub and network if they are to linkin jim kims lifes work, and by serendipity Prita found someone on the 13th floor who is certainly one of youth's missing links, and if she can also help us connect pabsy live and yazmi that is the sort of soft landing iside world bank noah also needs

ultimately to get naila to make sure that navneet lives up to his diary commitment and accepts Prita's kind offer to meet in Kerala sometime in November; also november is last possible date for me to understand whether amma and dubai leaders have a lot in common- the youth summits we are building in dubai desperately need an empowerment curriculum and a world leading summit on nanotechnology is staged in dubai early december- dubas's yazmi partner when I met him seemed young and open minded on what curricula millennials youth need most if their jobs and sustainability goals are to be win-win; his company i was told is a yazmi lead partner on languages - an area of critical concern to my chinese creative children networks; and dr ramga has more recently indicated that dubai may be yazmi's first way back to linking back satellites reaching china

two questions
ranga - is 8.30 1 september at yazmi still on?

prita -assuming naila does chose 11am on friday - is there somewhere on north east side of washington dc
that i can drive to- i forget where you live; i can some to pretty well any location but dont particularly want 
to drive into the end of the rushhour by going all way into town starting from my bethesda origin

my understanding remains that naila is all out during the last week of september new york connecting womens networks around amma - eg amma is videocasting to the first ladies luncheon Fashion for Development and accepting their laureate of the year on 28 september; i have included peter burgess on this email; dr ranga has met him in new york; basically since late 2007 when i first started sampling 2000 of muhammad yunus books and so got to know naila peter has staged events in new york when i have not been able to

the rest of this year is classic diary nightmare - i need to be in ,london on 22 september - shareholders meeting where The Economist is being sold off to the wrong networks; new york til night of 28 september; back in dc on 29 september for the main latin american west coast east coast youth summit before jim kim takes world bank start of year meetings to lima peru where i hope to be the week after and where my co-worker bernardo  is still trying to get chile's president bachelet to work with yazmi on reconnecting a southern american satellite so pope francis identification with 1.2 billion peoples maximise preferential option poor invitations across all goodwill faiths

before a big summit of nailas in san diego (inequality and end traficking of women and borders migrant disasters) the week after where the pope is sending a cardinal on ammas request and where hiro from japan who ranga amy naila and i started icaf week off with back on 29 june -somewhere at start of 2016 i need to be in rome at my annual debriefing of what dc promised and then failed to do in time for millennials to move along pope's requests-as you can imagine 2016 will be a year of vacuum among us political leaders - also prime time for satellite learning channels to laepafrog past them on behalf of bottom up peoples networks

so yes diaries are getting exponentially more complicated- and if thats true for a small player like me i can imagine its true for big players- and i still guess that lack of process around noah's dairy ,may yet be yazmi's biggest risk

chris macrae 240 316 8157 

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