James Wilson and Norman Macrae were agreed the only reason they spent their lives mediating economics was ending poverty -the happiness and freedom search to empower every livelihood. Picking up their leadership pens, 105 years apart Wilson 1843 tried to celebrate goodwill of leaders as impacts of industrial revolution multiplied; Norman(1948) as the worldwide started an odyssey of doubling spends on communications every 7 years for 70 years- that's a 1000 fold increase of 2015now. Which women ensure that their half of the human race impacts the future of sustainably in all the ways that men are prone to risking most

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Update on nearly 70 years of mapping of how worldwide generation develops sustainable exponentials -started by my father The Economist's end poverty economist in 1948

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our hypothesis is doubling time and money spent on worldwide communications every 7 years (4000+ times more in 203 than 1946) will end up very well, or very badly for all 7 billion people-

 ultimately the goodwill outcome depends ion designing trade (and eg governance) to end poverty

in our maps preparing the new millennium world, the japanese started something (quality electronics, modern cities, fresh community agriculture) from 1946 which korea was an early second follower to in mid 1950s

then came the superports like hong kong, taiwan, singapore- these made money for diaspora chinese ready and waiting to inward invest in china mainland- by mid 1970s they were 3rd wealthiest on earth, and the far east became the least worrisome space on our planet for sustainable millennials-

even better for uniting human race was the 3rd force for millennial empowerment and worldwide sustainability was the grassroots village mother networks out of bangladesh whose first  quarter century version was without any tech at all-these were the highest trust local human networks ever designed- just waiting to leapfrog the development world when they were partnered with mobile connectivity -see eg our notes on BRAC worldrecordhealthtable.doc worldrecordhealthtable.doc, 87 KB   worldrecordhealth.doc worldrecordhealth.doc, 36 KB 

if these are 3 of the most valuable sustainability networks coming from far east - what comes as a win-win from your region and how can we help women and youth empower the most sustainable markets and livelihoods of 2030now

we hope our maps will be openly celebrated by all job creating youth in 2018-  the175th anniversary of James Wilson's mediation to end capital abuse of youth and celebrate families and society as the greatest investors in youth future livelihhopds

can you help linkin maps chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

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