James Wilson and Norman Macrae were agreed the only reason they spent their lives mediating economics was ending poverty -the happiness and freedom search to empower every livelihood. Picking up their leadership pens, 105 years apart Wilson 1843 tried to celebrate goodwill of leaders as impacts of industrial revolution multiplied; Norman(1948) as the worldwide started an odyssey of doubling spends on communications every 7 years for 70 years- that's a 1000 fold increase of 2015now. Which women ensure that their half of the human race impacts the future of sustainably in all the ways that men are prone to risking most

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How the Belt and Road Became the 'Project of the Century'

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EIR's Bill Jones address Schiller Institute's , "The Belt and Road Initiative Opens a New Era for Humanity," July 22 , 2017.
Eurasian Land Bridge Report

we use belt road geographical layout and include some of its major projects as catalysts of emerging friendship networks ---
and value cgtn good news -eg brics : belt : china-us economic cooperation
0 china as epicenter of mapping sustainability world trade routes from 1996 , 1977
1 pacific east
1.0 south china sea -15 years asean charter
quarterbilliongirls.com editorial parters of the world record book of jobs creation ranks china as friending sustainability youth (economies) world with the top 2 world record job creators of 2017-2020 xi jinping and jack ma

*** Vaut Le Voyage

0 China- -China's wealthiest businessman leads commiss
0.1 beijing is both the host to the most collaborative global 2.0 summits such as biannual belt road and strategic think tank space linking in extraordinary alumni of eg tsinghua (with mit the world largest mooc provider) and peking u ; as well as supercity connector of green infrastructure banking
see www.worldcitize.tv to download SME maps contributed at China G20 as Hangzhou consensus turned the tide on what digital globalisation can doin creating global village jobs and celebrating 2030 youthful race to sustainability

culture entrepreneur note - when CGTN's travelogue host made her first
shenzhen 1 the supercity of makers movements - eg china's member of fabcity - watch out for BELT ROADS new bridge connecting hing kong and the extraordinary development region that shenzhen manufacturing became the world's epicentre of

hong kong summer 2017 celebrated 20th anniversary of being retu
known as supercity where multinational meet and where many global professions china offices are headquartered  - has also masterminded conflict resolution hosting of such extraordinary 21st C trading friends clusters as BRICS summits and shanghai cooperation organsiation linking region 2 3 7 - the m
Dalian news

(WEF)   dalian2017    odd year co-host of summer world economic forum rotated with ...
host 2017 china brics

direct rail to moscow -quarter of air cost
Bangladesh especially BRAC

Education (first new cuuriculum materna/infant health) in tandem with financial inclusion was how village women and girls were empowered to develop the nation of bangladesh.
3 UAE nowhere 2010-2016 has started up more gamechanging summits than this region with wise out of qatar and http://www.globalteacherprize.org/  out of dubai the 2 most notable

4 Scotland - thats's where Gordon Brown and his wife planted World in a School and became headhunted to be the special env
cgtn asean

note regional distinction between 

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Ayesha Abed Foundation - in memory of Sir Fazle Abed's first wife - empowering trainer of women in fashion skills- Shameran in director representing AAF at the national investment bank  http://www.ipdcbd.com/?page_id=52 wonder if there is a way to connect with women leaders in city of London .... green youth opportunities. more at start of UN week Fashion4Development , wall street funds for Latin America's race to end poverty, ... or other investment banks in sustainability4girls
This is an interesting subnetwork potentially pivotal to future of fashion sector - wonder if china has something similar emerging at taobao village networks empowered by ali baba supply chains

Despite being persistently mocked as a transvestite, Fatema shows sheer indifference to the cat-calling by the people around her. She is one of the oldest and most talented workers at one of the centers of Ayesha Abed Foundation (AAF). Fatema was cast out of her house by her brothers and has been looking after her mother for 15 years. Right when Fatema began looking for a living, AAF came as a beacon of light, and has have been her second home since then.
Trying to relocate and revitalise the general mass after the war of independence, BRAC, AAF’s buyer of products, was concerned about how they can make the current condition of the citizens better after the war of 1971. The light-bulb moment occurred when they realised the importance of empowering women in terms of income and independence: the idea having its roots in BRAC’s core vision of alleviating poverty and empowering people towards a better future. Soon, in 1976, BRAC along with Ayesha Abed, the founder of AAF, began to train women in hand-craft related work. Ayesha Abed initiated most of the activities as she urged women to become strong-willed and trained in the artisan sector. Hopes were pinned high upon Ayesha Abed. She arranged professional trainers, and they began training one woman at a time. They started with the most traditional of handicrafts, such as nakshi kantha and embroidered goods. Who would’ve known this one small step would lead to hundreds of women to achieving a milestone in their lives.
About the founder
Ayesha Abed was a social activist and the wife of BRAC’s founder, Sir Fazle Hasan Abed. In 1982, Ayesha Abed Foundation was founded in the honour of the late Ayesha Abed. The primary focus of AAF was clear: to empower women from every nook and cranny of Bangladesh; especially women in devastating states who had endured a lot of pain and suffering.
AAF’s first project was carried out in 1983 in Manikganj, the place where the renowned zamindars, the Bara Bhuiyans, were defeated by the Mughal Empire. Home to the famous Matta Kshitish Lal Sarkar bari kali mandir, Baliati Zamindar Bari and a few other such forts, Manikganj had a very high illiteracy rate back in the 70s. Since illiterate women have been the best target of discrimination throughout the decades in Bangladesh, clearly Manikganj was the perfect place to look for women who needed help. AAF has always believed in instilling the right kind of attitude in women right from the beginning of its establishment. “My life has transformed into something better,” Fatema said regarding Ayesha Abed Foundation’s impact.
Role of the organisation
AAF acts as a facilitator in gathering and organising both skilled and untrained artisans from various village organisations across the country and providing them with training and employment in its numerous centers which serve as Aarong's production hubs. Even Aarong was born out of need, initially acting as the only buyer for AAF products. Aarong is a social enterprise creating livelihood and opportunities for over 65,000 rural artisans, 95% of whom are poor women. Ever since AAF was founded, Aarong has primarily been taking hand-made products by workers who are under it. AAF currently has 13 centers and 637 sub-centers all across Bangladesh.
In the beginning, the foundation began to study and catalogue the designs and motifs of traditional art forms by visiting museums, elderly craft masters and private collectors. They experimented with all kinds of native forms of design and materials, trying to figure out if AAF could help Aarong launch them in any of its product lines. The foundation hired skilled craftsmen to help train village women in stitching, weaving and dyeing. Soon women were seen in groups, mingling and making beautiful designs and embroideries on pieces of cloth, pulled tight on easels. They became so adept at what they do that they could stitch clothes without even looking at it.
That’s what AAF did with women: They made their hands agile and their lives advanced.
Taslima, who’s a 22-year-old single mother working in one of the sub-centers in Jamalpur, talks positively about AAF, much like Fatema. The district Jamalpur, situated on the bank of the Brahmaputra River, is abundant in ice, sugarcane, jute, tobacco, and mustard, which implies that the district is heavily reliant on men for agrarian work. This was clearly portrayed when, after being betrayed by her husband, abandoned, Taslima found no jobs available for her in any sector in Jamalpur. Ayesha Abed Foundation yet again arrived as a salvation to Taslima, and has done so in numerous occasions for women in dire conditions.
Services and vision
AAF has the artisan development initiative (ADI), a BRAC integrated development program for artisans who work at AFF. ADI brings six of BRAC’s core development programs like microfinance, health and nutrition. Services under ADI include access to microloans and savings accounts, access to free legal assistance and prenatal and postnatal care for pregnant artisans. Free sanitary latrines are distributed to the artisans in actual need of them, and awareness on safe water and good hygiene practices are promoted. Social stigmas are also openly brought up. The artisans are particularly fond of the legal sessions because these provide them access to practical solutions to their legal problems.
AAF’s work can be considered to be completely synonymous to women empowerment. AAF doesn’t just generate income for women but works towards embedding women with courage, independence and dreams waiting to be realised.

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rebecca winthrop is co-author of what works in girls education (evidence from the world's best investment) and head of education summits at brrokings dc including an annual summit

some links from her book

BRAC innovated secondary school stipends (conditional cash transfers) for girls from 1982 (pp113.114)

community-based informal primary village schools

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One more for my bucket list - yuxuan and amy finally met in the greatest girls end poverty lab - dhaka and BRAC bangladesh thanks to 10 years of seacrhing where to open space what by mostofa

Fortunately Chuck www.jobenomics.com  is testing amy as his asian producer of finding the greatest job creating talent for hos books and cable tv on celebrations creating tens of millions of small enterprise jobs wherever his map outreaches - i understand whichever of the 4 main candidates takes over usa next year chuck is linkedin to parts of their adminstration. His 2 most universal jobs compasses are green action learning and the cloud's preferential options for the smallest. 

Billy it would be a wonderful time to reintroduce liu or any of your other young female chinese stars of sustainability - we need the girls club to save the world

www.youth4empowerment.com www.worldclassbrands.tv why not celebrate wherever chinese girls open space
we got behind linking in mit and blum berkeley coders open spaces linked in by brooklyn and kenya's ihub but believe brooklyn's tragic lost can be supercity baltimore and harlem's gain
http://amychina.net    open space facebook

i would suggest that under 30 chinese girls of www.youth4empowerment.com need to chat about these priorities never seen on such dark spaces as facebook

www.economistchina.net In 1977 only a few months after the fall of the gang of four, The Economist's Norman Macrae wrote - what was in store for China was an end to boring ideology and a drive for economic growth. It did not make any difference whether the man carrying out this policy was Ping or Pong or Deng. The same is true in 1995. In recent interviews Singapore's Singapore's Lee Kuan  Yew shared this view:
The Chinese are not ordinary people you know. They are the products of a very self-conscious civiliisation. self-conscious because they know they once did it (led the world) and now they are out of the race, they must get back into the race
half of the human trace live on the 1% of the planet "3000 miles from beijing" - thats where planet sustainability's test will be won or lost- its just as well that girls end poverty methahub is where amy and yuxuan are spending the next 4 days

my nomination for the greatest female job creation agent on the west coast we havent yet linked in is bedy yang- anyone know how to meet her; please note why i love nominating greatest job creators is i am delighted to be shown to be wrong- who is your greatest chinese female job creator on the west coast (and does sho come with the added bonus of being whom al of brazil look sto now)

william if you have time to invite amy and yuxuan to stanfird i will sponsor cheap air tickets

chris macrae 240 316 8157 http://www.economistwomen.com/ 

query to yuxuan could you give us a bookary tour ro where hundred millions learning is

here is brookings dc somewhat underwhelming contribution to the genre but then for reasons to do with big brotherdom for an economics institute out of dc to host summits on learning ie the economy is almost mission impossible . with no active summit contribution from brac we were left top celebrate the amazing founder of pratham and the lead back to my glasgow roots to the un envoy for education

mostofa dont want to run out of time but should amy and yuxuan interview the mother of non-digital microcredit Listen with Mother of Microcredit

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text  friends of macrae,tv wash dc 240316 8157 to join in economist women main open spaces of march 2016

First follower posting to Frances (miss america nigeria friend of univerityofstars ) -and conscious youth network friends-  

by way of introduction because worldsocialtrade friends and i aim to be leading collaboration searchers with youth I am delighted when someone texts 2403168157 to say my cases are not best - instead look at case xxx- then friends and i can try and meet founders of both cases to make the most of each others outreach to youth action networks of sustainability

at an mit legatum gig i met the most wonderful nigerians - of all countries in africa they want to start up sector leading purposes by and for africans
alexandria out of chicago and nigeria - pharma higher purpose for africa
OLA O flying doctors higher purpose - and MIT coach of viral first followers movements
satellitte tv's and good news networks higher purpose  Africa24 | La première chaîne mondiale d'information pour l'Afrique 
higher purpose of ibm-style consulting
also at this nigerian roundtable open space was former president of ecuador rosalia who will organise quito 2016 so that youth can judge whether UN sustainability goal 11 communities and cities is empowering them or not

our pro-youth economists and faith leaders invite conscious youth and sustainability youth educatiion partnerships around the belief that sustainability of humanity is lost unless 2016-2025 is youths most exciting/productive decade -also known as amy's purpose of open space youth

another primetime wicked assumption 1 - zero chance of youth sustainability  without 12 supercity (20 million sustaining youth livelihood) collaboration models- supertsar leadership of this is being linked in out of baltimore-dc supercity-frances if you can mentor which beauty queens really want to linkin this undercover youth movement please tell eg amy out 10000th youth ambassador (since yunus www.yunus10000.com  asked mostofa for this at his 69th birthday wish party) supercity is youth trojan horse into actioning all sustainability goals through goal 11 sustainable cities and communities- new york supercity's main role frees this anywhere we can face the UN -eg through bottom up broadband (dianne windsor castle retreat october 2015)

supercity's baltimore-dc's next chance to take conscious youth africa conversation further is monday- supercity NY next opportunity will be when kenya's rachel ruto and naila convene some circles in ny next month with one or two historically black colleges potentially feeding into this - eg brooklyn tomorrow  GG

  bold case denotes people who will be at mondays DC evening event coordinated by King leader of conscious capitalism dc and forming with amy conscious conscious networks everywhere. Amy (with additional supercity friends like Manny and John Kiehl and Harrison Owen is empowered with the joyful secret weapon all youth uniting sustainability need- she is prepared to work extremely hard to learn something but only if she and friends can then action it on something that urgently values youth (jobs) about 99% of american academics hate amy's higher purpose of action learning but that is their loss and must not be youth's trap- 44 years ago my father at The Economist first saw youth experimenting with online learning networks- this is where the curriculum of entrepreneurial revolution and sustainability youth of the net generation was born- ask eg bill drayton for confirmation- therefore www.macrae.tv  invites youth to start up Economistblogs on whatever they want to sustain most eg www.economistchina.net or www.economisthealth.com or ? most valued women by The Economist 1843 to 2018 or www.amychina.net  - back in 2008 my dad's last birthday party was with muhammad yunus Olondon organisers bang;adeshi yout mostofa and founder of 50 hubs jonathan) where we decided to sample youth with 2000 books on social businss- peter was our main new york elder in hosting open space cafes- his life work is mainly in africa

while amy our leading youth sustainability ambassador is chinese it happened that her first visit abroad last july encountered 2 main network leaders:
every country's creative children
africas best news on learning - www.yazmi.com headquartered silver spring run by ethiopian america noah samara- its a long story but you may know ethiopia is the largest diaspora in dc and whilst i would say king's most active interests are reinvigorating america's black communities, i wouldnt know any of the ethiopians in dc without KING introductions and he wouldnt know any franciscans without friends happenstances 1 2
noah's team introduced us to nany who helps cameroon royals change schools and coaches amy on america's number 1 motovational training (dream to reality-making)

S AFRICA at yazmi in July amy met taddy blecher founder of mandela extranet who has turned the dream of a free entrepreneurial university and alumni network for 15000 black poorest south africans into reality and is now changing curriculum of every 7th grader in south afroca- the median age of school leaving

Kenya through naila rachel ruto's www.joywo.org the fastest growing poor womens bank in africa and possible the world of the last 5 years; ihub the number 1 space on african contient to hackathon conscious youth hubs around - currently supercity san diego-la is corresponding us tech open space-king naila and may will be progressing that week after next with zara; kenya region remains the number 1 lab of bottom up youth banking - give directly and acumen hedaquartered out of new york a few blocks from the number 1 media studio of john kiehl; its a pity wangaari maathai has parted as unhabitat out of kenya is responsible for main youth goal 11- also not easy to energise the way things were possible 7 years ago is the network that began slum youth banking -frances you mentioned obamas last global entrepreneur summit in stanford in june- obama overplans and hasnt one empowered youth action ahead of sustainability time- mayabke he's youth coachable next year but this year dunno

MALI - the former head (Toure fanmily) of the UN tech/satellite network ITU connected naila with first ladies of africa- who take starring role twice a year around the un - see eg www.fashion4development.com and www.women4empowerment.org - it was intended these would partner 10000 black students and ted turner family un foundation and 15 nobel laureates celebrating mabndela and king cultures nov 2015 atkanta- why that didnt happen is the subject of a legal inquest above my paygrade to mediate -instead friends of amy and youth ambassadors at vatican university are desigbning a youth movement never again to be taken over by old fund raisers